Federica Terracina was born in Orvieto on January 20, 1983. “Astrazione fenomenica” having influenced her painting, she studied, then worked in collaboration with Michele Cossyro, at the school of the decoration of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She won the national competition of art “centro fieristico Ciminiere di Catania” in 2007, the contest “the Art of not discriminating” of Cecina in 2008 (workshop organized by Bruno Aller and Marisa Facchinetti), and the contest “Frammenti” with the theatre company “Strumenti Umani” in Rome in 2009.

In 2010, she began to take an interest in the textile installation: installation and creation of costumes, and costume assistant.

She has worked and collaborated with various theatre and music companies, artists and photographers including Santasangre, Outdoor Urban, TeatrinGestazione, AltoFest, Margo Chou from FAI-AR Marseille, Xavier Girard, La Belle Image fanfare, Antonino Talamo, Valletta2018 capital culture.

In 2014, she continued her steady in historical costume in Paris.

In 2015 she created the independent brand Incrediblefox, for which she created various original artistic creations. Since 2015, she made a workshop “Abito” project have been active as exploring the territory through textile art.

Incrediblefox and Federica Terracina

Federica Terracina was born with the help of a rebel doctor with a noble-heart in a pleasant city where the Etruscans whisper to the monsters and the Middle Ages is looming sovereign. From the mother she received the spark of curiosity, the father instead taught her the art of navigation while nature gave her strong astigmatism followed by a bizarre perception of the space.

In those wild woods she met Incredible Fox for the first time, and it was love at first sight. The fox, for many years, engaged against the tyranny of Mickey Mouse, refugee in nature, but thanks to the treasure of the Goonies, the two began to communicate telepathically. Under the precepts of the able animal the child began to express her dissent against Minnie, then she fought against the charm of Pucci, but she will never completely get rid of the irresistible vibration of pink.After a few years Incredible Fox, the psychotherapist of Spawn, left for a trip to the East while the just teenager Federica was enjoying the discovery of Tekno industrial and digital noise: frequencies that will change her acoustic perception. During this very delicate phase, she will know the ability to reuse and the total fascination for the forgotten working places.Once the fox came back from its long journey, that includes the explosion of Akira and the passionate love affair with Kabukiman, got closer to the young Federica with whom it decided to merge. The rite was assigned to Donald Duck, which was the charged Auguro. It was his distraction in interpreting the lightning or it was fate, but something of unexpected happened! Instead of merging, from our small antiheroes two new characters emerged: an old English lady and a skilled samurai 侍.Now they are living together with the young Federica and Incredible Fox. Their motto is: “In living all the love available in this universe we walk on contaminated territories where, to get on living, we spontaneousl exercise our visions.”Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to introduce our exercises! WELCOME