Accettati a project on portraying conscience. An investigation about the limit of auto representation between inside and outside ideated by Federica Terracina, which includes drawings and photos collection. This project is the result of a collaboration between different persons and also some artists who I met long my way. It’s an intimate trip. It’s an unbelievable research on the world of monsters.

It has born with the aim to do some questions about the fear perception.

Who are the monsters? where they live? why they grow up in yourself?

At first, I try in my monsters encyclopedia, by investigating in my dream world. When the inhibitory mask get down and I see the wonderful glimpse. I portray and describe them because probably they want be remembered, as the greek gods did. At the end of the visions, I wish to sew them, dress up, and to research the location where celebrate our reception. We narrate this by photos and recording sound.

In the same time of the personal research I use to develop a collective project.

Would you participate at this project?

We could create together your monsters. We will start to see old pictures, doodles, a dream or an idea… you may indicate the different material to use and the location where dress up your monster, it could be the possibility to live this experience. If you wish you could take a picture about that. I invite everyone, people of different age and sex. For example the fantasy of children and their relationship with monsters will be suitable to educate us.

This is a different way to meditate on what we hide. It’s a personal think to live the space, break through, an impulse. Play with something of private. If we stop in the deep oblivion, our intimity will be destroyed.

Do you remember the sweet suspence of a japanese film where the evil showed the honorable friendship? If we separate the monster from the bad it’s hard to done a judgment. If we think about a hero, it has the monster power. Now the knowledge of the balance between evil and good probably would be conceived. At the beginning the monstrous was like prodigious, wonderful.

The classification assails us. what is right or wrong? What cannot be? Probably make a different question: at first what we like?

Frequently we fight against the unknown. 

Do you have time to listen to yourself?

In this time the communication is like an epic legend. It’s like something to easy because fast, but sometimes it is just superficial. It’s important to imagine. Then we can identify the monster: would you understand bad and good? The hero, the enemy and the anti-hero? There isn’t the time about hero, it’s already the “anti-hero days”, those between doubts and frenzy know how to speak.


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