“Going in clockwise direction”


It’s an intimate trip, portrait of conscience. It’s an unbelievable research on the world of monsters.

This series is inspired by medieval bestiary and the Japanese collection.

This project was born with the aim to do some questions about the fear perception.

“Who are the monsters? where they live? why they grow up in yourself?

This is my first work about the human psyche, soul and spirit. Which is the relationship whit human space and trouble? In this time the communication is an epic legend. It’s like something to easy because fast, but sometimes it is just superficial.

It’s important to imagine.

“Unlivable City”

The title tries inspiration from the novel “Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino.

“Invisible City” becomes “Unlivable City”.

This series is inspired a psycho-geographical route, long which the intent of exposing the reality exists, by telling it’s flavoured.  There’s steadily a strong relationship between the void plays an important role in the whole composition. Technically the focus is on chromatic thone, corp and rhythm.

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