About incrediblefox

aka Federica Terracina

Federica Terracina was born in 1983 in Orvieto.
she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, at the decoration school.
She studied, then worked in collaboration with Michele Cossyro, at the school of the decoration of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She won the national competition of art “centro fieristico Ciminiere di Catania” in 2007, the contest the Art of not discriminating of Cecina in 2008 , phenomenal abstraction influences his entire pictorial research. She completed his training in historical costume at the “Greta Costume” institute Paul Poyret, in Paris.
In 2007 she won the National art competition; in 2008, Arte di non discriminare, workshop held by Bruno Aller and Marisa Facchinetti; in 2009 the Frammenti prize, with the company la capra canta.
In 2010 she began experimenting with the art of weaving, including artistic installations and costume creations for the theater. From here on, its trait is characterized as a synthesis between painting, decoration and textile art, in dialogue with different disciplines and artistic languages. Over the years she has developed a particular sensitivity and experience in the reuse, recycling and use of natural materials. While the spatial and site-specific component becomes more and more an essential element of his poetics, also developed through the conduct of various multidisciplinary workshops and pedagogical projects, which culminate in the project “Dress: how to explore the territory through textile art”, project spread between France and Italy, with associations and schools of all levels. In the field of art applied to society, she develops creative and pedagogical actions at the prison of Poggioreale, and at Officine Gomitoli, in Naples.
In 2013 she exhibited at the Macro, Factory Pd’A Contemporary Testaccio Museum, Rome and in the Arte e Pensieri gallery, Rome, in 2015 Disambia art space “No fear in rainbow avenue”, Viterbo. The collaboration with Galleria 291 est Roma has been active since 2011 with collective and solo exhibitions. In 2016 she coordinated the decoration and construction of costumes at the Bourgogne Le 108 maison, the MONSTER children’s festival, in the rue de bourgogne cultural center, Orleans.
In 2018 he took part in the community art project Gewwa-Barra Valletta European Capital of Culture.
She has worked and collaborates with different theater, dance, music, performer, photographers companies, including Santasangre, TeatrInGestAzione, Davide Adamo, Margo Chou from FAI-AR Marseille, Xavier Girard, Antonino Talamo, Borondo; and takes part in various festivals and events such as Outdoor Urban 2011 Rome, Without frontiers, Lunetta a colori 2018 and 2019 Mantova, Altofest 2012-19 (Naples; Malta; Matera-Basilicata).
In particular, the collaboration and its presence in Altofest becomes constant throughout all its editions, including special ones for the European Capitals of Culture, up to develop a fixed collaboration with the Co.R (Research Community; or body that takes care of the theoretical research and editorial production of Altofest). From this dialogue are born, the illustrations for the Foglio del Fest (2015-2019); the imaginary interventions published on Displace Altofest by Loretta Mesiti and Silvia Mei, ed. Valletta 2018; and Orbit map of the suspended city of Altofest Matera-Basilicata 2019

Incrediblefox and Federica Terracina

Federica Terracina was born with the help of a rebel doctor with a noble-heart in a pleasant city where the Etruscans whisper to the monsters and the Middle Ages is looming sovereign. From the mother she received the spark of curiosity, the father instead taught her the art of navigation while nature gave her strong astigmatism followed by a bizarre perception of the space.

In those wild woods she met Incredible Fox for the first time, and it was love at first sight. The fox, for many years, engaged against the tyranny of Mickey Mouse, refugee in nature, but thanks to the treasure of the Goonies, the two began to communicate telepathically. Under the precepts of the able animal the child began to express her dissent against Minnie, then she fought against the charm of Pucci, but she will never completely get rid of the irresistible vibration of pink.After a few years Incredible Fox, the psychotherapist of Spawn, left for a trip to the East while the just teenager Federica was enjoying the discovery of Tekno industrial and digital noise: frequencies that will change her acoustic perception. During this very delicate phase, she will know the ability to reuse and the total fascination for the forgotten working places.Once the fox came back from its long journey, that includes the explosion of Akira and the passionate love affair with Kabukiman, got closer to the young Federica with whom it decided to merge. The rite was assigned to Donald Duck, which was the charged Auguro. It was his distraction in interpreting the lightning or it was fate, but something of unexpected happened! Instead of merging, from our small antiheroes two new characters emerged: an old English lady and a skilled samurai 侍.Now they are living together with the young Federica and Incredible Fox. Their motto is: “In living all the love available in this universe we walk on contaminated territories where, to get on living, we spontaneousl exercise our visions.”Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to introduce our exercises! WELCOME