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The Santasangre Ensemble looks into practice as the way to reach absolute totality: action and its failure are the key tools adopted on stage.
Meditation, breathing, whirling dancing and Dhkir, all used by the Dervish in order to reach a state of trance while aiming to establish a direct connection with God: this is where the inspiration is taken from.
Konya allows the desire to flow and tension to unfold, by means of a balancing effort between motion and static, in a sequencing of failures representing the unavoidable element of searching and understanding. Throughout the show, both visual and physical score go hand in hand with live music performances, while all scenery is enriched with visual art effects for a refined ambience.


Still Waters is a photographic project and a site-specific installation born from the creative mind of Federica Terracina and the photo shoots by Davide Adamo.
She starts by an artifice on the language of advertising to become aware of the changing of the metropolitan scenarios related to the production of waste. become aware of producing a fashion line, the artist creates clothes made from recycled materials at low cost. Some materials derive from the ReMida of Biella which addresses to the ecology by enhancing waste as objects, useful for living a creative and educational experience in the respect of the environment. In order to interpret the models the artist “re-uses” young students and workers by placing them in a space tragically common. more information “Still Waters” project.

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A.A.A.A.A. ou je me suis refugiéé làlàlàlà...

“A.A.A.A.A. ou je me suis refugiéé làlàlàlà…”


Accettati portraits of conscience.
This project is an installation of three parts: sketch, photo and textile sculpture.




La belle Image is a brass band latino roots. Art director and choreography: “la Belle Image” and Dorian Moretus.
la Belle Image renovates “the end of the show”, breaks the codes, invites everybody to join them in a toast.
The colourful jackets and masks are made with recycled materials, while the everyday dresses are dyed with natural colours, on a pastel range from cerulean to burnt sienna.




Ex.1 A Thixotropic mixture like the blood of Saint Januarius

created and played by A. Talamo

Cosaltro Esperimenti is a matrix that generates a different musical experiment each time, according to the location, relationships, and sound possibilities.

Ex.1 > A ritual sound-inspired by “yellow face” (San Gennaro patron of Naples), whose blood is owned by the Neapolitan people. Lava music. Scenery and costume by Federica Terracina.
Historical and literary consultant, Francesco Andoli (journalist, “Identitá Insorgenti”)


Cosaltro Esperimenti

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