Still Waters


Still Waters is a photographic project and a site-specific installation born from the creative mind of Federica Terracina. It represents the result of an intensive research and investigation which helped the artist to take a position, to draw inspiration and motivate in the realization of the work. The latter, starting by an artifice on the language of advertising, it aims to become aware of how the metropolitan scenarios tend to change in relation to the production of waste. By producing a fashion line, the artist creates clothes made from recycled materials at low cost. Some materials derive from the ReMida of Biella which addresses to the ecology by enhancing waste as objects, useful for living a creative and educational experience in the respect of the environment. In order to interpret the models the artist “re-uses” young students and workers by placing them in a space tragically common.

By working with the aim to recover the waste there is the intention to hold them and use them as a guide for those who remain and also to exploit them, by supporting a political position on the management of consumption.
The exhibition is the result of a marriage between art and techné born from the encounter of the imagination of Federica and the watchful eye of the young Napolitan photographer Davide Adamo. 
Glossy photos, a careful study of light in order to outline the formulas well known in the market of fashion, almost with the intention to provoke a system which free insults our awareness and threatens the health of all of us. The project has been enriched by the sound component, recordings which tell the path to get the photographic shoots and in places of exchanging goods, such as the markets, the port, the stores. A project ironically bitter that describes and condemns the lack of responsibility from the past generation which is still present. A meditation of a status quo which will impact the future with effects both alarming and catastrophic.


foto di Davide Adamo
direzione artistica e costumi di Federica Terracina

grazie alla partecipazione di
Davide Arpaia, Diana Di Gennaro, Eleonora Tozzi, Felicia Bianco, Flavia Riccardi, Szymon Pigula, Svevo de Notaris


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